Osca – “Sleeptalk”

3 Feb


It’s always reassuring to us when a band we have tipped to do great things in the coming year waste no time faffing about, and just gets on with it. So there’s a grateful tip of the hat from us to Osca today as the London four-piece (who were in our list of artists to listen out for in 2015) announce their new single, “Smoke” (out in March) and share the b-side, “Sleeptalk”.

Listening to “Sleeptalk” has us momentarily reminiscing to the mid-90s and a time when Oasis were at their peak. Musically there is little to connect Osca and the brothers Gallagher but back then, so rich was their vein of songwriting form, Oasis were putting out b-sides that most bands would have killed for as a straight up single. Which is pretty much where we find Osca now.

Whereas their debut EP last year was very much piano led, “Sleeptalk” is driven by the delicacy of an acoustic guitar and embellished by a warm string section (much like Oasis’ “The Masterplan” actually, though not as downbeat). Jack Kenworthy’s vocals are reassuring as he sings about taking risks in life and love, something he and his band are clearly not afraid to do (and boy is it paying off).

There is something wonderfully simple and accessible about Osca that could well see them more than live up to our tip of greatness. In this age of profile, image and gimmicks, Osca seem almost old fashioned and anachronistic in their approach. Yet their focus on the songwriting and arrangements, the live performances and stretching and developing themselves will never go out of fashion. Right now, the hype is taking care of itself.

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One Response to “Osca – “Sleeptalk””

  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 20:57 #

    Yeah, nice track 🙂

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