Jack Robert Hardman – “Nuclear Family” (video)

5 Feb

Jack Robert Hardman - Nuclear Family

It is our understanding that in normal circumstances, ideas for videos come after the director has heard the song and crafted visuals to complement the sounds and/or lyrics. Mind you, we’re not sure how normal our ’H’ artist, Jack Robert Hardman, actually is, and his latest video gives rise to the theory that he was designed differently.

Recently he has been collaborating with animator-director Hamish Steele. They first worked together on the still extremely charming and lovely ”Living In A Watering Can” and have now come together to work on Jack’s recent free download, “Nuclear Family”. At least, they would have if they had gone about things the normal way. Instead they came together to work on Hamish’s animation that Jack then wrote a song around.

The video features a representation of a very famous dysfunctional family and the more realistic ramifications of the patriarch’s behaviour. Watching this, suddenly the downtrodden feel to the song, the feeling of resignation, acceptance, love and regret, all makes perfect sense. In actuality, set alongside the video that inspired it, “Nuclear Family” feels a lot bleaker and a lot less hopeful than it did before; it does remain an exquisite piece of songwriting mind you.

You can download ”Nuclear Family” for free from Jack’s soundcloud. It also features on Jack Robert Hardman’s ‘The Great Unknown’ EP, which is out now and available here.

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One Response to “Jack Robert Hardman – “Nuclear Family” (video)”

  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:05 #

    I do love video, Simpson noir

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