Summer Heart – “Beat of Your Heart”

5 Feb

Summer Heart Thinkin of U

It was back in the summer of 2013 when we first posted about David Alexander’s musical alter ego, Summer Heart, having just discovered him via a Sameblod track he featured on. Back then we posted his track “Beat of Your Heart” and both artists have been firm favourites of the blog ever since. Sadly “Beat of Your Heart” was taken offline a while back but now, like a synthpop phoenix it has arisen once more, newly re-worked and sounding as bright and glorious as ever.

As much as we adore his music, writing about Summer Heart is becoming quite tricky these days. His music so perfectly evokes the warmth, happiness and hazy colours of a glorious summer’s day that it is becoming difficult to think of new ways to describe the music. Thankfully we can cheat a bit with this re-work and just re-work our original post from 2013.

On “Beat of Your Heart” Alexander is bottling the essence of more innocent and carefree times and pouring it out to us as we bask in its warm glow. The sky is clear and bright and the melody tinkles like ice in a glass, condensation glistening on the outside as the cool drink battle the warm day for supremacy. Alexander’s vocals ring out like the call of a moistened finger as it glides atop the rim of a crystal wine glass before gently vibrating out into a wispy echo. Summer by name, summer by nature, you’ll want this playing out as your sunshine adventures unfurl.

Basically, it still sounds superb and we can’t wait to hear his new EP, thinkin of u, which is due for release on 6 April.

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One Response to “Summer Heart – “Beat of Your Heart””

  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:03 #

    Lovely, vocal peeking through like sun through the trees

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