Stalgia – “Rust”

7 Feb


Ordinarily at this time each week we’d be bringing you our weekly What’s In The Box? feature but last night we heard something that we didn’t want to get lost in a round up post, nor did we want to wait until next week to share with you all.

When running back through our emails and checking the ones we’d flagged to follow up on we came across Stalgia. There were no details in the mail beyond the band name and the track title and that was it. There were, to be fair, a couple of first names associated with the email account but nothing to go on really, and as their cover art (black image) suggests, anonymity is something they value. Still, as you will probably recall, we have recently decided to embrace the mystery of bands like this (such is its preponderance these days) and just roll with it all. Besides, band members’ names and identities have never had the same effect on us as the music does so why should we care?

What we do have and what we love, is this debut track, “Rust”. Its muted, intertwining boy girl vocals, foggy electronics and lyrics about a ghost who lives in the dust, give it an other worldly feeling. It’s like a mist enveloped cemetery, moonlit, mysterious and magical. Spectral synths float wraithlike above the solidity of crisp digital beats as those entwining voices whisper and dance their supernatural dance amidst it all. It is calm and unnervingly beautiful, enchanting yet gives you chills.

It’s the first of what we hope will be many more tracks from this shadowy and marvellous new act and it’s also free from the player below.

One Response to “Stalgia – “Rust””

  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:11 #

    Just to add to the annoyance, we’ve withheld our names from this comment 😉

    But it’s a lovely song

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