Asleep With Headphones – “Eleventy-Four”

12 Feb

Asleep With Headphones

In recent years random surveys have found that, generally speaking, Coldplay are the band most people like to fall asleep to. This does not surprise us. We don’t mean the fact that Coldplay are so musically soporific that they render their listeners unconscious (though now you come to mention it…). No, we mean the fact that people like to fall asleep listening to music. We do, have done for years and years, ever since we were young and would curl up under our Star Wars duvet with our Walkman and drift off while listening to the charts we taped off the radio the previous Sunday. That is, we did until it was pointed out to us that sleeping with a pair of headphones on is dangerous as we could quite easily garrotte our young and tender neck with the cables. Ever since this revelation in our formative years we have considered being asleep with headphones on to be a bad thing.

Until now.

Now we know that Asleep With Headphones is not only a good thing, it is a wonderful and enticing electronic trickle of soft ambient gorgeousness thing. For you see, Asleep With Headphones is no longer just a reminiscence to our youth, it is the nom de musique for Cleveland based electro producer, Jason Mowry.

Judging by his discography (seven EPs in three years) he’s quite a prolific conjurer of musical magic and his latest EP, The Stargazer, is a magnificent concoction of downtempo, late night electronics and digital rhythms. The whole thing is rather glorious but we have chosen to showcase the sublime “Eleventy-Four” and its nostalgic, early days of cinema style video.

“Eleventy-Four” is elegant, refined and welcoming. The cool digitised beats are crisp not stark and the synths ripple and float along like a long lost satellite, drifting in space on a never-ending journey of exploration through the wonders of the cosmos.

It is music for closed eyed imaginings and dreaming. Pass the headphones, we’re going for a nap…

”Eleventy-Four” features on ‘The Stargazer’ EP which is available now as a free download.

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One Response to “Asleep With Headphones – “Eleventy-Four””

  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:13 #

    Starts a bit “twin peaks soundtrack” but then gets good 😉

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