What’s In The Box? – #11

14 Feb

What's In The Box

After a couple of weeks off, What’s In The Box? is back with a pseudo-Valentine’s Day special. While some of the tracks we’ve carefully selected from the inbox (and beyond) this week have a decidedly romantic feel, others are coming at this particular day of cupidly celebration from a different angle.


Elsie – “Say It Twice”

We start this week with an anti-valentine tune from blog favourite, Elsie. Ordinarily Elsie brings the seductive melodies, candlelight and musical fondue to the table, but here, with this lovely and elegant strings and piano ballad, she is bringing cold hard facts and closure. The tone may be different but her voice sounds as gorgeous as ever, heartbreak can sound great after all.

Amy & The Engine– “Last Forever”

There must be something in the air as, after Mike Evin a couple of weeks ago we now have another video featuring octogenarians dancing. This time its more of an elderly prom thing going on as Boston based Amy & The Engine get in the Valentine’s day spirit with a country twanged folk-pop ode to love and happiness.

Alphabets Heaven – “Sex You”

Electro producers Alphabets Heaven have embraced Valentine’s Day so much this year that they have just released a free EP entitled Lovers. Though this is not exactly a collection of smoochy love songs to break out the wine and whipped cream to. Take “Sex You” for example, a cold, glitchy cover/remix of the Bando Jonez ‘classic’ that is more dark dub than Barry White, which makes it a lot better than the original as a result.

Laura Welsh – “Hardest Part” feat. John Legend

Taken from her forthcoming debut album, Laura Welsh’s “Hardest Part” is a sultry and smooth blend of R&B infused pop goodness. Written with and featuring the always wonderfully soulful vocals of John Legend, it is more candlelit evenings in with a bottle of wine with its rich melody and soft textures.

Sasha Siem – “So Polite”

We originally thought about including “So Polite” due to the extremely tenuous 14 February link that is the final track on Sasha Siem’s upcoming album being called “Valentine”. Yet there is enough in the lyrics to allow a connection on its own, though perhaps not in the traditional chocs and flowers sense. Take a listen and you’ll see what we mean.
Part pop song, part performance poetry, part social commentary and avant-garde artistic creation, “So Polite” is refreshingly different to almost anything else out there at the moment and fantastically discordant and raw with emotion. Perfect for Valentine’s day.

Bonus Valentine Special Video

No idea how this got here…

See you on Monday for more blog goodness and next Saturday for another What’s In The Box? (no more Glenn Mederios, we promise).

One Response to “What’s In The Box? – #11”

  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:17 #

    Lol. Amy and the engine….just lol, it’s something about her I don’t get

    But kudos on that other video.

    Best. Song. Ever.


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