Black Honey – “Madonna”

26 Feb

Madonna Hi Res

When we included Black Honey in our list of artists to listen out for in 2015, we noted that their debut EP would probably end up on eBay going for big money. Now, brilliantly, we are being proved (almost) correct, as they are about to launch a fairly unique sales model for their new double-a-side single that involves selling it on eBay.

It’s true that Jack White came in for some criticism when he went about selling some of the super limited very sexy Third Man vinyl’s through eBay rather than his store but his reasoning was sound and he’s kind of a magnet for marmite like reactions so it was to be expected. Black Honey on the other hand are almost universally loved (certainly by blogs like ours – they made the blog sound longlist as well) and are just trying something new and experimenting with a fun way for the super-fan to get something different and very limited and, for the first time, providing a way for international fans to buy their records.

How will it work? The first 5 records (1-a-day starting here today) will be available via bidding on eBay where the band will also include exclusive polaroids. Those in the UK that want to wait can pre-order ahead of the bands live shows via text: 07578533359 as per their previous sales model. Certainly it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out and how successful it is.

But what about the music? Will bidders and texters be getting much bang for their buck? The answer is unequivocally yes.

Added to their fuzzy, retro-tinged garage pop sounds this time round is a kind of leather-jacketed sneer. There’s a lip curl of attitude and arrogance that the Brighton quartet carry off fantastically. The day after the music industry slapped itself on the back at the Brits and celebrated how many records their blandest artists sold last year, it is refreshing and exhilarating to hear bands like Black Honey that continually make music that excites. And while Madge may have taken a tumble on stage last night, this “Madonna” not only walks tall, but does so with a bit of a cocksure swagger.

Get bidding people. These singles will also no doubt we worth a fair bit in the near future.

Black Honey’s double A-side single “Madonna/Spinning Wheel” will be released via Duly Noted Records on 6 April. The eBay bidding has begun already.

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One Response to “Black Honey – “Madonna””

  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:26 #

    Lol, madonna has totally owned that fall as well now. Now she’s freaking awesome for falling over, that’s how you do PR I guess 🙂

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