Oh Wonder – “Technicolour Beat”

2 Mar

Oh Wonder

In the beginning Wonder Wonder created “Body Gold”. And their shape and name was without form, and darkness was on the blogosphere for they knew not who they were. And Wonder Wonder said, let there be “Shark”, and there was “Shark”. And lo the blogosphere did convulse with glee and rejoicing. And Wonder Wonder did look upon their creations and upon themselves, and thus they said we are Oh Wonder, let there be now be “Dazzle”. And there was “Dazzle” and we were dazzled. And we looked upon our schedule and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth for there was no space for us to craft scripture about Oh Wonder. But Oh Wonder are benevolent and doth send unto us and unto the world more creations. Let there be “All We Do” and let there be “The Rain” they proclaimed. And there was. “The Rain” came but still there was no scripture from within the temple of Alphabet Bands. Across the earth and within the heavens there was much wondering about Oh Wonder, for there was still much darkness and uncertainty. And Oh Wonder said, let there be “Lose It” and ‘oh, by the way we are called Jose Vanders (though you may know me as LAYLA) and Ant West for those are our names. And they looked at the day and at the night and they saw that it was the six month.

And on the seventh month, we finally got round to writing about them.

Yes, after much listening and loving and no writing (for a multitude of mostly stupid reasons) we are finally posting about Oh Wonder and just how damn fantastic they are.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the London based production duo, they are releasing online one track a month for a year and have just posted their seventh offering, “Technicolour Beat”. Hence the rather fun (we thought) and potentially Westboro Baptist Church baiting intro.

In the six months that have preceded “Technicolour Beat” the pair have changed their band name (from Wonder Wonder), revealed their real names (eventually, there was much speculation online about their identities) and become something of a phenomenon. Each of their six previous songs have been featured on Radio 1 and made it to the top of the Hype Machine chart (this one will too) and they have amassed over five million plays on soundcloud.

The primary reason for this fairly remarkable level of success is just that the music really is that damn good. Each tune has an inherent Oh Wonder-ness within it but each is distinct and different. “Technicolour Beat” is a gentle, ebbing haze of melodic sunlight across the shoreline, reflected on the tips of the waves as the beat kisses land respectfully. It glides and glows, soft, tender and wondrous, it is gorgeous and reaffirms Oh Wonder as one of the most consistently amazing new acts out there right now.

And we doth gaze upon their glory and lo we said, ‘aye these are pretty special alright’.

Stalk Oh Wonder: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “Oh Wonder – “Technicolour Beat””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 21:25 #

    beautiful track

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