Byrn – “You Had It Right”

16 Mar


It’s well known that amongst many things, we are a sucker for a bit of sultry r&b infused electro-pop (just ask Elsie) so it stands to reason that BYRN’s latest should float our metaphorical boat.

We’ve featured this New Yorker before, back in January when it was her debut track, “Electrify”, that had us falling for her honey-dipped vocals. On “You Had It Right” it is once again her voice that is captivating our senses, alongside a soft, nudging, sexy beat that feels like it should have been on the 50 Shades… soundtrack.

In fact, as sweet and sexy as “Electrify” was, “You Had It Right” is a lot more late night than its predecessor. If “Electrify” was a smily, hand holding spark of attraction, “You Had It Right” is a few shots in, be gentle with me kind of undulation of electronics, melody and seduction. In other words, totally up our street.

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One Response to “Byrn – “You Had It Right””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 21:33 #

    ah missed this one, seems its disappeared from soundcloud.

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