Candy Darling – “Going Straight”

27 Mar

Candy Darling

For all our love of eletctropop, brooding, misty atmospherics and high octane synth explosions, regular readers will know that we also appreciate the darker and slightly twisted things in life. We like it when music gets a little noir, a little sordid perhaps and as if it was born and developed in the seedier underbelly of an otherwise happy and peaceful city life.

Step forward Candy Darling, the Bristol trio who appear set to fill that Vuvuvultures shaped hole in our heart. Not that they sound similar, but they both rouse that sneering, rebellious ‘fuck it all’ sensibility that lies dormant within us (all).

Of course, being the exemplars of great timing that we are, we bring this and them to your attention just after they shared a fairly downtempo and reflective tune but hey, nobody’s perfect. If you want to feel the sneer, to embrace the scuzziness and the grind, then go back and listen to their debut single, ”Money”. Before you do that though, take a listen to their latest offering, the soon to be released, “Going Straight”.

It may not quite sneer, but there is darkness abound to revel in. Imagine if White Lies had been brought up listening to The Pretenders, Queen and maybe even Joy Division. Emily Breeze’s vocal is contemplative, walking untouched down a street of slow motion mayhem, carnage and despair of a life gone wrong as the guitar cries out gently, a shouted whisper of emotion. The snare beat is stark and unrelenting, like the ticking of a clock counting down to our protagonist’s impending demise.

It’s really rather fantastic and for those of you who just can’t live without the sneer, B-side “Waves” has plenty.

”Going Straight” is due for release on 24 May.

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One Response to “Candy Darling – “Going Straight””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 21:40 #

    sounds kinda four non blondesy in places, bit 90s chic.
    thats not a bad thing, its modern-retro so its good 🙂

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