Yumi Zouma – “Alena” (video)

28 Mar

Yumi Zouma Alena

With their stunning new EP now available to buy, enjoy and adore, blog favourites Yumi Zouma have returned with the sequel to their bewitching and mysterious ”Catastrophe” video. Set in the same area as before and featuring some of the same characters, “Alena” takes place at a different period (before, after, we don’t know) and focuses on the men of the town.

Directed by the same team, BANGS, as its predecessor, “Alena” is infuriatingly brilliant. Infuriating because it answers none of the questions from “Catastrophe”, what caused them all to fall asleep, what happened when they woke up, what is that mysterious telephone number (that we are yet to work up the gumption to call) all about? None of this is answered. It is utterly maddening, but that just makes “Catastrophe” and “Alena” all the more perfect.

Here we are taken to a self-help, support type, men anonymous group where who knows what is discussed (or not) and in the end movement and dance takes over and helps further the catharsis. But what are they meeting about? Is it to go over the mysterious events? Is it to mourn lost ones from what happened? We have no idea but again, it totally works.

Where the direction excels in particular is the juxtaposition of the slow-motion movement and the more up-tempo but soft and caressing melodies of Yumi Zouma. It is considered, enigmatic and beautiful, just like the Yumi’s themselves.

”Alena” is taken from Yumi Zouma’s ‘EP II’ which is out now on Cascine. You can order the 10″ vinyl here.

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One Response to “Yumi Zouma – “Alena” (video)”

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 21:43 #

    lol, its cool isnt it?

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