Oh Wonder – “Midnight Moon”

1 Apr

Oh Wonder

We’re not ashamed to admit that we awoke this morning with a sense of trepidation, a nervousness and fear of what this fabled foolish day would bring. Not that we were worried we would be taken in by some ridiculous ‘only straight bananas allowed’, ‘soundcloud drop’ or ‘blog starts its own fashion/design line’ type jape, but a fear that the sublime Oh Wonder (who you will recall are releasing a new song on the first of each month for a year – today marks month eight) would not release a new song.

While this uncertainty was filling us with a kind of anxiety, we must confess that the idea of an alternative Oh Wonder gag had us chortling somewhat. The idea being that for April fools they released an absolute stinker of a track, just for funsies, and the less principled blogs of the world still fall over themselves to proclaim its magnificence etc etc. Fortunately for said unscrupulous blogs, Oh Wonder did not release a stinker (quite possibly as they are physically incapable of such a thing) and have, thankfully, shared another gem in “Midnight Moon”.

As with predecessor, ”Technicolour Beat”, “Midnight Moon” sounds a bit different to those that came before it, yet there is an inerrant and delightful Oh Wonder-y-nous to it. It is so simple yet effective, tight production; a gorgeously rich arrangement and melty vocals all combine to create another marvellous slice of warm indie-pop. We’d say that “Midnight Moon” is our favourite of their songs so far but then we say that about whichever one we’ve heard most recently, they really are that damn good.

”Midnight Moon” will feature on the debut Oh Wonder album, currently due for release on 4 September.

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One Response to “Oh Wonder – “Midnight Moon””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 21:59 #

    delicious song, like caramel in your ears 🙂

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