Ms Mr – “Painted”

7 Apr

Ms Mr

Has it really been two years? We never really went along with the ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ adage yet here we are. We blinked and boom, two years have passed since one of our absolute favourite bands released their storming debut album and double-boom, now they are back with a brand new single (out today) and a new album on the horizon.

We’re conscious that blogs refer to ‘our new favourite band’ or ‘blog crush’ an awful lot, and so do we, so let’s quickly put our adulation of Ms Mr into some context so you get a flavour of how excited we were for this new song.

We first heard Ms Mr in April 2012 when a kindly PR friend sent out a preview of “Hurricane”. We were hooked and as soon as we were allowed, we posted it (a post that, to this day remains our most read of all). The first time we saw them play live we lost all sense of perspective and broke all our self-imposed rules when writing about it. When we interviewed them, we were such ridiculous fanboys that we couldn’t approach it objectively and ended up writing up an overly long and unwieldy interview because we couldn’t edit it properly. They’ve been one of our tips for success and our end of year countdowns have featured their songs (twice) EP and album. Hell, we’ve even bonded with a drunken Aussie sound engineer at a Chvrches gig over our mutual love of “Hurricane”.

So, it’s fair to say that on Sunday evening, like much of the blog world and music loving peoples of the world, we were just a tad thrilled when an a promise of forthcoming news was tweeted (and not just because Lizzy and Max looked so goddamn hot in the accompanying picture).

Then yesterday evening came, “Painted” was played on Radio1 and posted on the band’s vevo. We pressed play, we readied the repeat button and we were shocked. Not bad shocked, but shocked none-the-less. We kept hitting repeat and kept feeling surprised. Something had changed, evolved in those two years. Where was the brooding intensity and the macabre that they did so very very well? The Addams Family of glitch pop had clearly been to the Mall and come back with a bunch of neon outfits and a predilection for Red Bull.

Its frenetic nature is bordering on the ridiculous, so fast paced and dizzyingly vibrant it is. It’s formula one fast with elements of early 90s euro dance in there along with 80s era Pet Shop Boys, house and drum and bass that startles and exhilarates in equal measure. It’s Ms Mr but not as we knew them, but by Toutatis we do still love them. It’s been two years, it was worth the wait.

“Painted” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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One Response to “Ms Mr – “Painted””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 22:07 #

    this is a super track

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