Black Honey – “Spinning Wheel”

8 Apr

Black Honey

It’s fair to say that in recent months Brighton’s Black Honey has taken the Internet by storm. With each new release, blog after blog (including ours) has effused liberally and sent them scampering gleefully up the Hype Machine chart like a riff-powered mountain goat. We fully expect the same to happen now as the band has just shared the second part of their new double a side (backed with “Madonna”) “Spinning Wheel” and it is, as you would expect, cracking.

It begins by lulling us gently into a false sense of western-styled blues security before crashing like a giant beach break into a very Dick Dale influenced blast of energy and sound. Where “Madonna” added a lip curl of attitude and arrogance to their retro-tinged garage pop sounds, “Spinning Wheel” is a blur of distressed mid-nineties indie merged with dynamic surf-rock. It’s lively, sprightly and head-down-dance-and-bob-along-to fantastic and only serves to cement their burgeoning reputation as one of the most exciting new bands around right now.

Someone hold onto the Internet, its about to start shaking.

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One Response to “Black Honey – “Spinning Wheel””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 22:12 #

    its a bit nancy Sinatra sounding I think….that sort of sleepy, sultry, grindy vocal. its cool

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