Ghosts In Daylight – “Golden and Green” (video)

17 Apr

Ghosts In Daylight

A year ago we brought you a deliciously dark, ominous and wonderfully odd video from electro pairing Ghosts In Daylight. Since the release of “Paper Heart” the duo has become a trio and the boards that covered the windows of their musical house have been taken down, not all of them mind you, and light is beginning to stream in. Rather than recoil from the brightness that new member Rich has let in, Tim and Meme are embracing it somewhat and “Golden and Green” shows what can happen to your creativity when your Vitamin D intake increases.

The title track from their new EP, “Golden and Green” is an upbeat and infectious ode to happiness. It’s a bit Queen, a bit Mika in feeling and very arms wide and spinning smiles in the sunshine sort of thing. It feels like the title, the grass is green, the sun is golden and bright, everything is good and the world is all right. It’s a lovely summer tune and even the video (which you can see below) is more conventional and warm than its warped (in a very good way) predecessor from last year.

We did say that not all the boards from the windows have been taken down yet and while it is lovely to see that Rich has been letting in the light, we love that Meme and Tim have clearly taken him down into their basement as well.

Darkness still exists within Ghosts In Daylight and on EP track “Null Hymn” in particular (also streaming below) the shadows are reaching out. Gone is the sunshine, the grass has withered and died and instead there is a stark, cold landscape before us. The digital percussion is your steps, barefoot on the crisp dead ground and the swirl of synths is the cool, sterile breeze around you.

The contrast with “Golden and Green” is immense and magnificent. If one will have you up and dancing full of joie de vivre, the other will have you shrinking back into a contemplative world of post-apocalyptic emptiness.

We love that Ghosts In Daylight have let in the sunshine but we are thankful that they are still bathed in darkness.

The ‘Golden and Green’ EP is out now and available to buy from the Ghosts In Daylight Bandcamp page.

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One Response to “Ghosts In Daylight – “Golden and Green” (video)”

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 22:34 #

    yes, the first one with the video is lovely and happy, i like that one more i think!

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