Chløë Black – “Professional”

22 Apr

Chloe Black

April has been a fun month for pop culture hasn’t it? Not least we’ve seen previews of a raptor squad in action and a glimpse of Han and Chewie going home. Those two things alone would have been enough to keep us going but there was also a less impressive but still exciting teaser of a showdown of the ages, Marvel continue to do no wrong oh, and a little show on Sky Atlantic returned.

Musically it’s been pretty great too. Amongst many cracking offerings we’ve posted superb new tunes from the likes of Oh Wonder, Ms Mr, Lyza Jane and Axel Flóvent.

The first track we posted in April came from the wonderful pop culture loving Chløë Black whose track ”Cruel intentions” was inspired by Killing Zoe. As the month draws towards its denouement Chløë has returned with another killer song which once again draws on 90s cinema as its stimulus, specifically the Luc Besson classic, Léon.

“Professional” wonderfully conveys a sense of a paradoxically dysfunctional relationship that completely works. There is a dark sexiness to it; a love in squalor and against all odds kind of feeling that runs throughout it and that perfectly reflects its source.

Of course, it’s entirely logical that Black would so expertly craft an aural equivalent to the film as she’s explained that like Mathilda, she too has been ”fatalistically romantic from a young age”. A feeling that has resonated within all of her tracks to date and one that we cannot help but be enthralled by. This bleak optimism, this shaft of light in the darkest of places is deliciously enticing and is woven within her music to wonderful effect.

As an aside, when we wrote about ”Cruel intentions”, we remarked that it had not featured in the live set we had seen a few weeks previously. It is worth noting that “Professional” did not feature either, which just means you have even more cracking music to look forward to from Chløë and which continues to bode well for a very successful future for her.

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One Response to “Chløë Black – “Professional””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 22:40 #

    super, we like this 🙂

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