Avec Sans – “Resonate”

27 Apr

Avec Sans

You know when you’ve been eagerly waiting ages for something and finally it arrives and you’re a little scared? What if it isn’t as good as you’d hoped? What if it’s a disappointment? We waited years and years for The Phantom Menace and it was rubbish. We’d waited ages for Age of Ultron and, as good as it was, it felt like something was missing. Thankfully, sometimes when that thing you’ve been waiting ages for finally arrives it more than delivers. It excites and makes you punch the air with glee proclaiming ‘fuck yeah’.

We’ve been waiting quite a while for some new music from Avec Sans and now “Resonate” is here and wonderfully, it is no Phantom Menace. This is an air punch moment.

There’s something here, something thrilling that isn’t just our delight at their return. There’s more, much more. They’ve been about for a while but this feels new. This, this feels like a beginning, the start of something special. It’s a grand proclamation that the landscape is about to change for the better. It is pop music and it is gloriously exhilarating.

The opening synth lines and heart beat rhythms are bold and confident. Alice’s vocals mystical and whisperingly seductive, their softness beautifully juxtaposed with the stirring, rousing pulse of keys and beats. Like Avec Sans themselves rising from their public hibernation, “Resonate” stirs and intensifies as it progresses. It shakes off the slumber and awakes with a dramatic synth-pop roar of intent that we just adore.

At the end of 2013 both we and Popjustice stated that Avec Sans could unleash the most exciting synth-pop album of the year. We meant 2014 but frankly, if “Resonate” is any indication, the statement will hold true whenever they finally release their debut long player. Avec Sans are back, be excited.

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One Response to “Avec Sans – “Resonate””

  1. helpwithnlp August 19, 2015 at 22:41 #

    i quite liked age of ultron….


    but yeah, this song is good too. not disappointed by it 🙂

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