Luca Chesney – “We Made A Fire”

5 May

Luca Chesney

The bank holiday weekend is done here in the UK so whether you are waking up with a hangover from bonus time in the pub last night or with your ears still ringing from the excited cries of young children who didn’t have to go to school yesterday, let’s start the day with something gentle.

“We Made A Fire” by Luca Chesney is a song we’ve been listening to on and off for about a month now. We’ve particularly been enjoying its becalming, emotive beauty and gentle drifting arrangement. This softness is in stark contrast to the somewhat turbulent life its creator, Rachel ‘Luca” Chesney has had.

Her early years involved a lot of travel (her parents were missionaries) and her most recent years have seen her relationships with God and her spouse break down and the end of her previous musical life, as part of duo Run Luca. These latter eventualities have led her to start over, choosing New York as a place for a new beginning and a solo career as way to channel her musicality.

Rachel’s pain has been our gain though as “We Made A Fire” is just gorgeous. From the subtle chimes that sit beneath her vulnerable and heartfelt vocals, to the gentle pulsing of the rhythm, keeping time like a heartbeat, it’s intoxicating.

”We Made A Fire” is out now and available from the Luca Chesney bandcamppage.

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One Response to “Luca Chesney – “We Made A Fire””

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 21:11 #

    oooh ethereal 🙂

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