Sameblod – “My Fortune”

15 May


We’re not sure what it’s been like where you are, but here at Alphabet Bands HQ we’ve been enjoying a couple of gorgeously hot and sunny days. It may not last but it has certainly felt as if summer is on the way, and what better way to celebrate than with a new track from those purveyors of wonderfully summery electropop, Sameblod?

Having waited a couple of years for their last track, ”Flourish”, the duo have thankfully only waited a couple of months to share the follow up, “My Fortune”.

It is full of the trademark Sameblod warmth and energy, hazy melodies and sun-drenched electronics that we have come to love so much over the years. It’s top down music, arms out the window feeling the breeze as you drive along music, music to picnic with friends to, music to enjoy the sunshine to. It’s dreamy and happy, just the way we like it.

”My Fortune” is due for release via Sommarhjärta on 15 June.

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One Response to “Sameblod – “My Fortune””

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 21:36 #

    ah yeah, like this

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