Aminata – “Love Injected”

12 Jun


Normally when we we hear a new track for the first time it is after a late night soundcloud rummage or inbox trawl. The track often has only a handful of plays or may even be in single digits. It is not usual for us to hear a song for the first time as part of a shared experience with tens of millions of people across a nearly 50 different countries.

That is exactly what happened the other week though as we settled down to watch the Eurovision Song Contest and, like the majority of the audience, heard a whole host of songs for the first time. Aside from hand wringing power ballads apparently being quite popular across Europe, the UK entry sinking to new depths of disappointment and a blatant disregard for fire safety regulations, we learnt that Latvia has damn fine taste.

Of course, being the home country of Southampton legend Marian Pahars, we already knew Latvia is clearly an awesome country. We hadn’t been aware of their musical excellence, not until we sat down with Europe and first heard Aminata.

While we expect to have been in the majority of people watching who had not heard of her before, some had and the track she performed, “Love Injected”, had even had a couple of appearances on Hype Machine registred blogs before the competition. What is surprising to us is that she hasn’t had more since.

You see, “Love Injected” is not only a fabulous piece of dark and twisted yet remarkably mainstream friendly electro-pop, it is also exactly the sort of song we bloggers have been all over in recent months and years.

On the night, Graham Norton kept calling her the Latvian Sia (which should have been enough to get blogs interested) but there is also a fair bit of FKA Twigs in there as well, and we all know how blogs feel about FKA Twigs. It’s not as R&B influenced but it has this deliciously dark sensuality. It simmers seductively with mummering electronics before boiling over into a grand and passionate chorus.

It’s quite probably the best thing to come out of Latvia since a certain babyfaced striker helped save Saints from relegation back in 1999.

”Love Injected” is taken from Aminata’s album, ‘Inner Voice’, which you can stream on soundcloud.

Stalk Aminata: Website / Facebook / Twitter


One Response to “Aminata – “Love Injected””

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 21:59 #

    ah yes, i do recall this entry. she was way good !

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