Superhumanoids – “Anxious In Venice”

19 Jun


It’s always exciting for us when a band we love announces a new album. It is especially true when they do so by sharing a fantastic new tune that showcases a totally new sound and feel for the band. Given that Superhumanoids debut album was one that we had been eagerly anticipating, that it placed in our top 10 of 2013 and that their subsequent singles have been superb, you can appreciate that we were extremely happy to hear there is a follow up album on the way.

Do You Feel Ok? is due for release on 11 September and if lead single, “Anxious In Venice” is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. A dark, brooding and beautiful treat.

Reminiscent of Goldfrapp’s evolution from purveyors of gorgeously relaxing melodies and floating melodies and vocals into glam rock influenced disco pop lovers; “Anxious In Venice” sees Superhumanoids donning cape and mask and delving into the world of darkness.

The 80’s influences are still there, the bassline is very Airwolf, but the synths come not from a place of fun and frolics, but a seedier, darker underbelly. Sarah’s vocals are enticing, hypnotic and laced with a seductive menace, like a kiss with poisoned lips leaving you dizzy and vulnerable. It’s furtive, clandestine and dangerous. There are neon lights but most of the bulbs have blown, casting a skittering melodic shadow over mysterious figures on their way to an underground club.

Listening to “Anxious In Venice” makes us want to join them.

’Do You Feel OK’ is due for release on 11 September and US residents can pre-order it now from iTunes and get “Anxious In Venice” immediately.

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One Response to “Superhumanoids – “Anxious In Venice””

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 22:01 #

    sooooo wanted Airwolf to kick in, youre totes right it just begs for it!

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