Meraki – “Contours”

23 Jul

Meraki Contours

Having enjoyed their debut release, and the releases from their predecessor incarnations, we thought we knew what to expect from Meraki when we hit play on their latest track, “Contours”. Indeed as the strings swooped and Neeta’s vocals swirled we smiled knowingly and allowed our mind to wander with the melody into the tropical rainforest that we saw before us.

We’ve oft remarked on the organic nature and feel to their music and as it began, “Contours” certainly felt botanical. The strings dazzling like sunlight breaking through the flora onto the forest floor, the beat crisp under our feet as we stepped onwards into this wonderland. This time though something different occurred, the bassline began to pulse and wobble, the ground beneath our feet became unstable and a great shadow grew overhead.

The vocals, so enticing and soft suddenly ache in violent betrayal and a frantic sense of danger builds as the ground rises up to swallow all above it like some monstrous Sarlaac. The strings are panicked, capturing the broken beauty of the vocals as they fly up out and away from danger before falling down into a flatline of rhythm and melody. It is breathtaking, beautiful and deadly.

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One Response to “Meraki – “Contours””

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 22:06 #

    yeah this is very nice, lovely words here to describe it 🙂

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