Transviolet – “Girls Your Age” (video)

17 Aug


Though it most likely appears to the contrary, we do have plans here at Alphabet Bands. Sadly, like those best laid of mouse and men, they “gang aft agley”. For example, we first planned to write about the rather stunning debut from Transviolet on its release last month. But the release coincided with our trip to Latitude, land of wonderful tunes but terrible phone and internet connections. A reprieve came in the form of the band’s video, we shall post that on release we thought. But alas, we were off on our hols to France and missed that too. They may not have come off, but they still count as plans and attempts at organisation.

Still, it is a great tune and a great video and one we feel still deserves a posting. Not that we are the only ones who think so. Our good friends at Breaking More Waves have often spoken of the difference between internet fame and real fame, making the point that bands who appear to be doing fantastically online can find it hard to translate that into actual tickets and records sold.

Transviolet certainly appear to have the internet fame thing down with 31 Hype Machine registered blogs posting “Girls Your Age” and 145,000 plays so far on Soundcloud. Katy Perry even declared it her track of the day apparently (don’t think she’s Hype Machine indexed though…). Can they translate it into real world fame? Our expectation is yes; they have a very solid team behind them and, more importantly, the music is damn good.

There are Lana comparisons to make with “Girls Your Age”, they feel obvious and lazy but they are undeniable. It’s musically minimalist, focusing on those soft, 3am bluesy vocals that lilt and drift on the wind of self discovery. The aural equivalent of a graphic novel (think Sin City for style, not violence), it’s all black and white shading, dark corners and implied sexual predatory. It’s intense yet beautifully delicate, much like the transient and complex emotional growth of adolescence.

One track is not enough to pass judgement though but we’ve been fortunate enough to hear their forthcoming tune and while we can’t say much, prepare to be surprised and impressed. Internet fame should soon be real world fame for the Transviolet team.

”Girls Your Age” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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One Response to “Transviolet – “Girls Your Age” (video)”

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 22:11 #

    very good, video is quite graphic novelish too

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