Svelte – “Façade”

20 Aug


Over the last 12 months, Oh Wonder have had great success with their ‘release one song a month for a year and then release an album’ model. They’ve racked up soundcloud plays in the millions, radio support a go go and sold out dates in numerous countries. They are about to come to the end of their one year journey (with their eponymous debut due in just a couple of weeks) but another act are just starting out on, what they no doubt hope to be, a similarly successful path.

We’re not sure if Oh Wonder were indeed the inspiration for Svelte, an electronic duo from Bristol comprised of Mary Spender and Jacob Bright, but they too are following the ‘track a month for a year etc etc’ plan. So far they are just two months and two tracks in (September will mark the release of track three) and it is the second of these, “Façade”, that has woven its way into the marbled swirl of our mind.

The electronics, melodic and percussive, ebb and nudge gently, flickering in your peripheral vision like deja vu in the matrix while you concentrate on the haunting lilt of Mary’s vocals. Her voice is a single candlelit spotlight breaking the creeping darkness that is the shimmering and whirring digitals, probing with gliding subtlety into your subconsciousness.

It’s a gentle caress of 3am beats and sways that bodes well for the future. Only time will tell if they can get anywhere near the Oh Wonder level of success.

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One Response to “Svelte – “Façade””

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 22:14 #

    its brooding, dark
    like a soundtrack to red riding hood’s journey through the woods in the horror flick version of the kids story!

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