Lionface – “Vampire”

7 Sep


After the luxuriant calm of last week, when we shared gorgeous new tunes from Lyla Foy and Oh Wonder, we thought it best to ramp things up this grey and dreary Monday. So, shake those fists energetically and set adrenalin levels to ‘pumped’ as we start the week with a bang courtesy of Bristol based Lionface.

Long-time readers may be familiar with the band as we have featured them a couple of times in the past, always being very excited by their energy, attitude and general rawwwwr-ness. They’ve been through a few changes and evolutions since we first featured them back in February 2013. So much so that we now refer to Lionface as a ‘them’ whereas back then it was as a ’she’. Originally a solo project for Kat Marsh, Lionface is now a four-piece, augmenting Kat’s vibrant energy and aggression with a more rounded, richer but no less explosive sound.

Beginning with footsteps of sinister reverb, new track “Vampire” soon ignites into a frenetic cacophony of intense electronics, dangerous angular guitars and tumultuous percussion. Given its title it aptly feels like an excited and terrified escape down tight, dark corridors, from an unseen but lethal assailant giving chase and intent on exacting gleeful terrors upon the protagonist. Buffy this ain’t.

The unyielding cascade of energy, rhythm and vocals is infectious, exuberant and leaves us, like its titular predator, ravenous for more. Good job there’s an EP coming out at the end of the month.

“Vampire” is taken from the forthcoming ‘Battle’ EP which is due for release on 25 September. You can catch Lionface live on Fri 25 September at The Louisiana, Bristol (get tickets) and on Sat 26 September at the Sebright Arms, London (get tickets).

Stalk Lionface: Website / Facebook / Twitter


One Response to “Lionface – “Vampire””

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 21:03 #

    oooh guitar grindey chic

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