Transviolet – “New Bohemia

22 Sep


Taken from Transviolet’s eponymous debut EP, “New Bohemia” is the third track from this remarkable young pop act (following on from the stunning “Girls Your Age” and “Bloodstream”) and is perhaps the best of the lot.

Anthemic. We’ve thought about and if we had to use just one word to describe it we’d use anthemic. Except we’d also want to use rousing, stirring, invigorating and other such synonyms. One word is not enough, it’s too darn big. Thankfully we don’t have to choose just one word.

It’s a bit Lorde like in the verse but the chorus stirs something else.  Something primitively patriotic. It could easily be used as the backdrop of some sporting montage. Something like when Tinie Tempah’s “Written In The Stars” was used to sell the (relative) importance and grand theatrics of Wrestlemania a few years ago. It’s got that edge to it, that sensibility and power that soundtracks and conveys the magnitude of something, hell if you wanted to remake Les Miserables with modern pop songs, this is your rousing battle cry right here.

As we’ve already used all options from our thesaurus we now turn to the band to offer some context; they explain “New Bohemia is a mindset. It’s the belief that each individual has the power to change the world”, which is spot on. It conveys power, emotion, defiance and attitude. Like we said, It’s anthemic and just a superb pop song.

”New Bohemia” is taken from the ‘Transviolet EP’ which is out now on Epic Records and available from iTunes.

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One Response to “Transviolet – “New Bohemia”

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 21:10 #

    yes, this. this song is what was missing growing up or else i coulda done more wit my life lol

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