Svelte – “Time (Put It All Together)”

1 Oct


Continuing their trip down down One Track a Month Boulevard towards Album Release Town, Svelte have released their fourth track and it is the best one yet. When we last featured this electronic pairing from Bristol, we described their smokey electronics as being a ”gentle caress of 3am beats” and while there is still a distinct late night, chilled feeling to “Time (Put It All Together)”, it’s very different and very, very good.

The melody swirls softly over sharp digitised rhythms while the vocals drifts in and out of shadows, rising like a bird, buffeted on a trance like breeze. It’s bathed in some aural haze of fantasy and surrealism as the simultaneously smooth and jagged edges melt into one like time dripping off a Dali clock. There’s a subtle mechanical whirring to it, a wobble of industry amongst the organic fragility of the keys and aforementioned effortless and smooth vocal. There’s a reasonable amount going on as layers of sound weave and swirl as one.

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One Response to “Svelte – “Time (Put It All Together)””

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 21:12 #

    lovely tune

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