Arctic Lake – “For Us”

18 Oct

Arctic Lake

Nudging at your subconscious with gentle insistence, the latest track from London based Arctic Lake is the kind of delicate and soulful electronica dark winter nights were made for. As we sit in the half light on a cold Sunday evening, weary from the week before and mildly trepidatious about the Monday to come, Emma Foster’s feather-soft vocals gently massage our temples while the calm melody soothes our furrowed brow.

Following the understated beauty of “Limits” and “Only Me”, “For Us” continues the theme of wispy gorgeousness woven into other-side-of-the-pillow-cool electronics and crisp-as-fresh-snow beats. There are moments where we are reminded of Brooke Annibale’s heartfelt and stunning “Tragically Beautiful” (a very good thing indeed) and there can be no denying the pristine beauty of Arctic Lake’s subtly intricate craft.

There is a dash more energy than was present in its predecessors (that deft guitar line is begging to be let loose) but “For Us’ is not for the dancefloor. It is for osmotic consumption, for eyes closed enjoyment and for stillness in the night. Monday may not turn out to be great, but Sunday just got a lot better.

Via The Line of Best Fit

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One Response to “Arctic Lake – “For Us””

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 21:17 #

    this is perfect for the montage of rainy nights that january always brings us

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