2016 Preview: Artists to Listen out for Part Five

24 Dec

Listen Out For... (4)

After a short unscheduled pause, we conclude our look ahead to next year with our top three Artists to Listen Out for in 2016. We’ve already talked about 12 of our favourite bands right now (old and new) who we are excited to hear more from in the coming months, and these three are the ones who have us most hyped up.

Should you want to re-acquaint yourselves with the previous 12, the links to our previous posts are below. Otherwise, let’s crack on.

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#3 – Seyr


We first heard enigmatic London duo seyr just a few short weeks ago when we were asked to write about them for The Tipping Point. Instantly we felt foolish for not having heard of them before and simultaneously very excited for their blend of smooth, soulful r&b infused electronica was right up our proverbial street.

Talking about their divine “a love” we said;

”It’s late night emotional turmoil made into something gorgeous. Heavy with emotion it’s a bold marbling of style, anguish and the tumultuous seas of heartache into a state of aural dreaminess. As couples sway almost imperceptibly with the beat, they will find their grip on one another tightening and an unexplainable longing for their partner swelling up within.”

They’ve been about for a couple of years now, putting out a release here and doing a show there, and they seem to be getting better and better. Hopefully, 2016 will see us hearing much more of the pair.

Stalk Seyr: Website / Twitter

#2 – Transviolet


Transviolet were one of those new acts that appeared seemingly fully formed in 2015. With a solid team and label support behind them and an EP for release, the group came, saw and pretty much conquered in a very short space of time.

Their debut track, “Girls Your Age” went over huge with the blog world and likewise did the follow ups from their eponymous debut EP. Our favourite was probably the anthemic and rousing “New Bohemia” which stirred something within that makes you want to get up and stand for something.

Standing at the opposite end of the grand spectrum to the creeping beauty of “Girls Your Age”, it represented a rather stunning debut from this new young band and one that we hope to see built on in the coming year.

Stalk Transviolet: Facebook / Twitter

#1 – Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner

While he has been pretty much synonymous with new artist tipping in the last few weeks, appearing on the BBC Sound Of and Blog Sound Of polls as well as countless other online publications 2016 preview lists, it may be a surprise to some to see Loyle Carner top our list of acts for next year.

This is because this is actually his debut appearance on Alphabet Bands. Although us not posting about someone is not an indication of a lack of love on our part, more our somewhat slack approach to writing over the last few months.

Some may be put off by the excessive amount of swearing in some of his tracks, but this is not profanity for the sake of it look-at-me-and-my-bling-in-the-club-with-some-bitches rap; this is honest, raw and powerful hip-hop / spoken word. It’s brutally open and refreshing, confessional and laidback like Gil Scott-Heron atop Jurassic5 style beats. It’s magnificent and refreshing and we look forward to hearing much much more in the coming years.

Stalk Loyle Carner: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “2016 Preview: Artists to Listen out for Part Five”

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 21:34 #

    good tips here. i shall look out for you writing about these in 2016 😉

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