2015 Review: Track of the Year

3 Jan

Listen Out For... (5)

Daisy Victoria – “Pain of Dancers”

There have been a lot of great tracks released this year. There have been cracking pop bangers, gloriously melty synth tunes, folky loveliness and funky groove-a-thons aplenty. Yet when we sat down to consider which songs really stood apart, there was only one choice. Much like our Moment of the Year, our track selection is based on very personal reasons, but that’s what music is supposed to be about right?

Like Public Service Broadcasting, Daisy Victoria is an artist we’ve supported for a while now and we have loved seeing as she has become more and more successful, and as she has grown and developed as an artist. Never was this more evident than when she released “Pain of Dancers” earlier this year.

Daisy Victoria

To paraphrase what we wrote on its release…

There is a gorgeously vibrant 80s feel to it that so suits Daisy’s rich, emotive and cinematic vocals. From the second the drums kick in and the keys twinkle like a mischievous glint in the eye, you are transported to some John Hughesian world of teenage angst, coming of age, love and retribution.

“Pain Of Dancers” is a glorious sway of pop-rock that further cements Daisy’s place as an emerging artist we should all be getting very excited about.

And we are excited, excited by her progress, excited by what the future has to hold for her and excited by the quality of tracks like “Pain of Dancers”.

One Response to “2015 Review: Track of the Year”

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 21:39 #

    pain of dancers is a very lovely track

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