johan – “Danger_us”

27 Jan


In the world of music, as it is in the world of football, you tend to be someone pretty special if you are known by just the one name. In football there’s been the likes of Pele, Neymar, Zico, Ronaldo (fat) and Ronaldo (arrogant) while music has had Prince, Madonna, Bjork and Adele (amongst others – Pitbull is the exception that proves the rule). With that in mind, Boston based johan is either setting himself up for a fall or going to turn out to be utterly amazing.

The early signs are good with his debut track, “Danger_us”, an alt-pop, underground railroad kind of tune. The always on-point Disco Naïveté say it has a ”campfire vibe” to it and they are dead right. A late night out in the middle of nowhere feeling, hands clapping as the fire crackles and the group harmonise and sing together. There’s a touch of the ghost story about it too, the wispy, smoky undercurrent of electronica swirling around the darkness as the flames dwindle and the embers glow.

“It’s much more dangerous in the wild”, he sings. Which is partly what makes it so exciting and this off-kilter outdoors-pop tune certainly has us excited.

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One Response to “johan – “Danger_us””

  1. Name not supplied January 31, 2016 at 20:39 #

    Awww, you forgot Cher
    And Tiffany. Now she was spesh 🙂

    And sonya also disproves the rule with pitbull 🙂

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