Vérité – “Underdressed”

4 Mar


Over the last two years Vérité has pretty much ruled the chic-pop-banger world with her fantastic Echo and Sentiment EPs. Today is putting 2016 on notice that she is coming for it with the brilliantly emotive and seductive class of “Underdressed”.

If you were to Weird Science up a perfect popstar, chances are the result would look and sound a lot like Vérité. She manages to blend the emotional resonance and intelligence of Robyn, the bold infectiousness of Katy Perry, the playful genre-bending of Pharrell and Timberlake and the warmth and eternally loved-ness of Kylie.

She also has the ability to come up with tracks that not only stand up to repeat listens, they get better and better each time. We played “Weekend” to death and are in the midst of a similar session with “Underdressed” as we write (God bless Soundcloud and their repeat song function). It’s got to the point now where we are unconsciously gesturing at the big punctuation points in the song and not understanding the confused looks we’re getting from the people around us who aren’t wearing our headphones.

“Underdressed” is huge in a (perfectly) very understated way. It builds subtly, breathing vulnerability yet radiating the confidence of a popstar who is completely mastering her craft. It’s intricate synth lines and crisp digital beats climb gradually, hand in hand, up a vast stairwell to the (fucking) roof of a large city skyscraper. This is where we find Vérité, windswept and open, emoting and power ballad fist clenching as she calls out “Give me just a little truth / Leave me / Underdressed and out of time / Take me to a different view / Change it / All I ever wanna do is / Stay here”.

With new (brilliant) music due later this year, 2016 looks set to be another superb year for Vérité.

”Underdressed” is out now and available from iTunes.

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One Response to “Vérité – “Underdressed””

  1. Name not supplied October 31, 2016 at 21:53 #

    Very good description here of the weird sciencing of pop artists
    It’s so true

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