nvdes – “The Other Side” (video)

14 Apr


Back in June last year, when nvdes debuted with “Before The Weekend Comes”, it was essentially a fun side project for producer Josh Ocean. Back then, we weren’t even allowed to tell you who the man behind the melon was, just that his modjo referencing debut was stunning and a promise of greater things to come.

Then greater things did come and we included the still secret Josh in our list of artists to listen out for in 2016. Still the greatness came and more and more people wanted a slice of the deliciously juicy and summery sounds he was coming out with. Now, like the clientele of Cheers, everyone knows his name and is totally in love with his music. Love from the UK is entirely understandable as nvdes is a delightful antithesis to the mostly dreary and dull weather we’ve been having, and his latest tune, “The Other Side”, is another prime example.

The second A of his new double A-side single (alongside the infectious but oh-so not safe for radio “Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor”) “The Other Side” is a bright, hyperactive dose of summer party music. With a “Sledgehammer” referencing video of neon, stop motion and more emojis than are found on a teenage Belieber’s twitter feed, it’s a sugar rush of hyperactivity and playful weirdness. About a relationship with a woman who liked to dress Josh up in her clothes, it could almost be an ADD companion to the James classic, “Laid” (“dress me up in women’s clothes / play around with gender roles”). Regardless, it is funky, fresh, addictive and so much fun.

Summer is still a bit away, but nvdes is doing its damndest to get it here quicker.

”Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor” and “The Other Side” are out now and can be bought digitally or on limited edition pink vinyl via Bandcamp.

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    Haha 🙌🙌

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