Mullally – “Wonderful”

7 Oct


Regular readers will know that I am prone to moments of hyperbole when writing. I get caught up in my enthusiasm for a song and wax lyrical with metaphor and simile my closest allies. Sometimes I do wonder if I have gone too far in my eulogising but when it comes to Mullally, about whom I gushed over for The Tipping Point a while back, there are no such doubts.

Blessed with the kind of sweet and soulful pop vocal that would cause 80s teen fans to convulse and swoon in mass hysteria, Mullally is currently gaining profile and kudos by the truckload with each new release. Nominations for Best Male in the inaugural Unsigned Music Awards and has been shortlisted into the top 10 in the MOBO awards Unsung Category have recently come his way and more plaudits are sure to follow.

His latest track is a cracking example of nominative determinism as much as it is a fantastic neo-soul-pop tune, being both “Wonderful” in name and sound. It’s mainstream radio ready, chart friendly calypso tinged electronics and rhythms are compulsive; prompting some serious shoulder dancing and head bobbing.

It’s a shorts and t-shirt song, a summery antidote to the onset of autumn and the chill in the air. Bright and effervescent, it fair skips with joy as Mullally sings in his glorious falsetto. It’s brilliantly uplifting and you can’t help but enjoy it, perfect for World Smile Day, and every day for that matter.

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One Response to “Mullally – “Wonderful””

  1. Name not supplied October 31, 2016 at 22:46 #

    Oh choooooooon!

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