Sølv – “Losing My Mind”

12 Oct


Over the years I have often been asked what kind of music I like. While I think I will always be an indie kid at heart, I will listen to pretty much anything, as long as it is good. That being said, over the years I have definitely developed a strong love of female-fronted electro pop acts that dabble in darkness. It should be no surprise to learn then that when I first heard Sølv, I was hooked.

As a brand new project, there is little available in the way of background information to share. The name is the Scandinavian word for silver so while that may be a significant clue, it could also be a bit of misdirection. Or not. Maybe. Ok she’s British, but that’s all I know.

Such a lack of information does mean we can all just concentrate on the music though and with an EP due out in a month, there is a lot to be excited about.

The vocal is a chilled breeze over smooth synth lines and beats. The tracks shimmer with subtle foreboding, basslines plunge into the icy depths with deft electronics breaking through like shafts of light from the sky above. Melodies are soft and swirling, providing a gentle gossamer sheen to the tundral soundscape.

Like dawn breaking, her debut track, “Losing My Mind”, gently rises. Her voice floats and swirls as delicate electronics reach out across the land of low synths. She says it is about being “so consumed by one person that you can’t concentrate on anything else”. Which is ironic, as that is exactly how I’ve felt about her music these past few days.

”Losing My Mind” is taken from the debut Sølv EP, ‘Black Ink’, which is due for release on 11 November.

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One Response to “Sølv – “Losing My Mind””

  1. Name not supplied October 31, 2016 at 22:48 #

    Beautiful track

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