Avec Sans – “We Are”

4 Mar


There are few certainties in life, death and taxes are two but we’d add ‘Alphabet Bands loving everything Avec Sans do’ into the mix. We’ve talked about how much we love them, loads and after years of waiting for it, their debut album made our records of the year list for 2016. Mind you, even we were intrigued when they announced that they would be releasing a re-work of album track “We Are” as their next single. What a decision it was though.

Alongside their usual producer, the super talented Benbrick, Alice and Jack enlisted Max Dingel and Mandy Parnell (who, between them, have worked with everyone who is anyone and made them all sound amazing) for additional mixing and mastering duties.

The result is a version of a much loved album track that is as bright and effervescent as its accompanying video.

Now starting with the proud exclamation of ”We are”, the track dives headfirst into the chorus and a sea of rich, vibrant colours and textures. A warm neon rainbow of melody, electronic flourishes and sharp danceable beats washes over you as the compulsion to groove takes over. It feels bigger, bolder and more confident than its predecessor. It’s Avec Sans turned up to 11, and we love it.

”We Are” is released via Beverly Martel Records on 3 April and a limited edition cd release is available to pre-order now.

Get to know Avec Sans: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “Avec Sans – “We Are””

  1. Name Not Supplied April 14, 2017 at 19:22 #

    this is hella cool, loving it

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