Sivu – “Childhood House”

5 Apr

One of our absolute favourite things, is when an artist we adore returns with new music. Especially when it is unexpected and ever more so when the music reminds us just how incredible they are.

It’s been over four years since Sivu first appeared with the wonderful “Better Man Than He” (and its mesmeric video), over three years since he was our top tip for 2014, and over two years since his incredible debut album, Something On High. It’s been just a few days since he returned with news of a forthcoming follow-up and the haunting “Childhood House”.

Conceived during a post-tour writing session, deep in the wilds of Scotland, “Childhood House” is so deftly poignant that it’ll bring a lump to your throat and an ache to your heart. It’s a song that you know will be performed to absolute silence and an engrossed audience when played live.

There is an almost stately elegance to it. The piano line is so simple and beautiful as it walks with you, hand in hand, passing memories as you go. Its deep emotional core resonates with the listener and behoves your rapt attention. It’s one of those magical songs that no matter where you are, you can just close your eyes as you listen and it’ll transport you off into another world, a world of heartfelt majesty.

Welcome back Sivu.

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One Response to “Sivu – “Childhood House””

  1. Name Not Supplied April 14, 2017 at 19:29 #

    oh, its so sad 😥 I just want to give him a big cuddle

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