Grace Mitchell – “Now”

10 Apr

After some glorious weather over the last few days, normal service has been resumed and so far this Monday morning has been a bit grey and dull. As a result, there is a bit of a metaphorical fog hanging over Alphabet Bands HQ and we are currently zombie-ing around in a lethargic daze. Mainlining caffeine isn’t helping so we find ourselves in need of another kind of pick me up. Enter Grace Mitchell with a rousing and invigorating pop-banger to help wake the day.

Having risen to prominence last year when the frankly bonkers and incredible “Jitter” was unleashed as a Zane Lowe ‘World Record’, the 19 year old Portland native has quickly gone on to become a must watch artist. On the back of 2015’s infectious as anything Raceday EP and this year’s thunderous “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” comes “Now”, 4 minutes of pulsating beats and frenetic guitar lines.

A gentle piano intro is soon overtaken by the tumble of 80s drums and we’re off, the retro theme continuing as “Now” explodes into neon lights and video game samples. It’s so energetic that Mitchell kindly gives us a couple of piano breaks to catch our breath, before it’s back to laser-sharp electronics and much jumping up and down with delight.

“Now” is a multi-layered high-tempo pop blast that will have you dancing like a loon. If you need to blast off the cobwebs at the start of the week, this is the track for you.

Get to know Grace Mitchell: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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