Chelsea Jade – “Life of the Party”

11 Apr

Since 2014’s Beacons EP, we’ve not heard that much of Chelsea Jade and her sublime dream-pop. There were a couple of gorgeous tracks posted online about a year ago but nothing more. Today though the silence was broken, well not so much broken and gently put to one side on a bed of cushions, such is the delicate caress of “Life of the Party”.

Like that feeling you get when you walk into a pristine white room, the beginning is crisp and clean. The electronics gently rise up, like furnishings coming through the floor to add decoration to this immaculate scene. The vocals bring more, softer elements to the room, welcoming you in and making you feel relaxed as the beat pulses gently in the corner. As more layers are woven through, the track becomes more and more gentille, more serene. Like a pop-lullaby helping you relax after a long day.

It’s delightfully, subtly joyous and uplifting while simultaneously soothing and calming. Like a so-tilted-she’s-horizontal Christine and the Queens, there is an infectious and devilish groove winding throughout this oh-so soft and heavenly pop tune that we can’t help but get lost in and sway too time and time again.

Interestingly, according to her twitter, “Life of the Party” ”hints at a larger body of work [she] hasn’t officially announced yet”. Could we be about to get a long awaited album? If so, it could turn out to be the most sumptuous and gorgeous of the whole year. Fingers crossed.

Get to know Chelsea Jade: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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