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12 Aug

Welcome once again to another edition of Tracks Of My Teens. This is the place where singers, artists and others in the industry can share three special songs from their youth with us, and describe what it was that had such a profound impact on their life or that they associate with special or important memories.

This week we are delighted to welcome the founder of Flying Vinyl, Craig Evans to ABHQ as we delve into his mind, rummage around, and pull out three fantastic songs.

Pink Floyd – “Time”

Dark Side of the Moon was released long before I was born but I remember discovering it in my teens when my dad played it to me during that period where rap and hip-hop subculture was changing the way people thought about pop music. So, at that point I really felt like we were living through this incredibly disruptive time in music, which we were, but I didn’t consider that people had been pushing the boundaries of art long before my peculiar little generation and there was this whole world of mind-blowing stuff out there. It’s one of those great ‘staring in the mirror’ moment of realisation songs that as long as it feels when you’re young, life is short.

Nirvana – “Come As You Are”

It’s weird to see kids that are so eclectic now, because of technology they listen to all these different genres. I was a teen when the Internet was just starting to disrupt music (illegally) and people were still very genre-orientated. I remember I listened to a lot of grunge and Kerrang TV but I did-so in a really closeted way. It’s funny to think about now but I was deeply embarrassed to relate to that music, because that was for the kids at school wearing Slipknot hoodies who hated their lives and I didn’t feel like that. I’d listen to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with my headphones on and that led me to “Come As You Are” which I used to just play on repeat for hours on end.

Kanye West – “All Falls Down”

I like Kayne West. I know that’s not a particularly popular thing to say. He was possibly one of the first of that new wave of rappers at the time whose lyrical content was actually relatable to middle class white kids who were suddenly consuming the genre. I think Kayne West was an innovator in that sense, he really brought that kind of music to a wider listener. To this day I listen to his work with my jaw on the floor – mainly because of his genius as a producer and ability to sample records in a really stylised way. I respect his views that art comes first and commerce comes second, I respect that he’s dived into different fields and though I think he often sounds like a bit of a tool, he’s certainly one of the most important producers in the world.

A superb and eclectic selection from Craig, though given his role in the industry, we are not surprised. Flying Vinyl is an amazing monthly vinyl subscription service that sees members receiving five 7” each month, from some of the best up and coming bands around. The service features a multitude of genres and has already established itself as being one of the best places to discover new music.

More details about the service and what prompted Craig to set it up are included in this great interview he did with The Von Pip Musical Express.

If you are interested in becoming a member (and you really should) then you can sign up at

One Response to “Tracks Of My Teens: – Flying Vinyl”

  1. Ursula Black August 14, 2017 at 17:32 #

    I have to admit that I have never been a fan of Kanye, but that song (particularly the lyrics) impressed me. Interestingly, I discovered that Lauren Hill (whom I’ve always been a fan of) was a co-writer of “All Falls Down”. Thanks for opening my mind!

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