Maya Law – “Full Circle” (feat. Deacon & Gabriel Gifford) (Island Fox’s alternative atomic composite)

29 Jan

As a general rule, we at Alphabet Bands don’t really post remixes. Like all good rules though, they can be broken and we will happily make allowances for something incredible. This Island Fox reimagining of Maya Law’s latest single ticks the incredible box (and goes on to tick the amazing, stunning and remarkable boxes too).

“Full Circle” (also streaming below) was released earlier this month to much acclaim. The soulful collaboration with Maya’s longtime producer Gabriel Gifford (aka Allergy Kid) and Deacon showcases the very best of each individual involved. Crisp, head nodding, tripped out beats and smooth jazzy melodies melt into Maya’s swooning vocal and Deacon’s rich flow. It is a superb piece of low-fi hip-hop that will have you hooked in no time.

Which makes this Island Fox re-work all the more astounding. The track is taken to a whole new place, a place where organic and industrial come together as one symbiotic organism. There’s a otherworldly feeling to it, a vast sci-fi darkness that consumes “Full Circle” before breaking it down to its component parts and restructuring it into this magnificent cybernetic vision of life. A new intensity has been breathed into it, a compulsive urgency that is undeniable and irresistable. It swirls and stomps, crashes and twists, metal and electronics meeting earth and air and coming together as one. If Cylons made music, it could sound something like this.

So yes, we have rules about remixes but there are always exceptions to be made, and this ”alternative atomic composite” is truly exceptional.

Get to know Maya Law: Twitter
Get to know Deacon: Twitter
Get to know Allergy Kid: Website
Get to know Island Fox: Twitter

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