Let’s Eat Grandma – “Hot Pink”

31 Jan

Following up their critically acclaimed and polarising debut album I, Gemini was always going to be an interesting challenge for Let’s Eat Grandma. They didn’t abide by any rules and were all the more exciting for it. Most of the tracks were written in their early teens and reflected an unfettered imagination and musical experimentation. Their ‘twins from the shining’ aesthetic could only last so long however, they would not remain 15 forever and their musical likes and influences would not remain static. To expect their sound to be the same on their return would be unrealistic, besides Rosa and Jenny have never been ones to stay still and look to replicate the same thing time and time again. Where’s the fun in that?

So it is with their incredible new single, “Hot Pink”. A song they say ”is about the misconceptions of femininity and masculinity and the power of embracing both of them. It’s about self-expression and appreciation for an underrated colour.” A song that takes everything you thought you knew about Let’s Eat Grandma and throws it out of the window. A song that will delight and dishearten their fans in equal measure and a song that provokes a ‘HOLY SHIT’ reaction on first listen (and again on many repeat plays).

Produced by labelmate SOPHIE, “Hot Pink” is a cacophonous riot of noise and energy. A laidback dreampop opening of soft, soulful and bold pastel coloured electronic melodies soon gives way to something more raw and industrial. Metal clangs into metal and glass shatters as Rosa and Jenny go through the looking glass and emerge as LEG 2.0.

Crisp digital beats, electro whirls and glitches clash with “Gett Off” era Prince like shrill shrieks and wails. The vocals harmonise, then duet then battle with one another. It’s discordant and abrasive, sounding like a hardcore underground German techno club mixed with the pulverisation of 8bit video game characters in a meat grinder. It’s intense and infectious.

That pastel dreampop melody swirls back into view before “Hot Pink” takes another left-turn and fades into a record skipping denouement.

Let’s Eat Grandma have never been ones to bow to expectation or conformity. Ever since they formed they have made the music they want to, the music that interests and excites them. On their debut album, this was experimental and bold, they let their imaginations run wild and delivered a record that challenged convention and rewarded listeners with remarkable, infectious and otherworldly songs. Anyone expecting the same from the pair on their return has clearly missed the point entirely and is also missing out on an incendiary and vibrant pop song as a result.

”Hot Pink” is out now and available to buy here

Get to know Let’s Eat Grandma:Facebook / Twitter

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