10 Records in 10 Days: Day One

11 Feb

Over on the Facebook at the moment, there is one of those frustrating ‘post X amount of Y for X days and nominate someone’ chains going around. We say frustrating because half the time, we couldn’t give a fig about your top 17 secondary characters from a cancelled sci-fi show featuring wormholes. However, the one going around at the moment is about favourite albums, which is a little more up our street at least.

The concept is simple. ”Post an album a day covering your 10 all time favourite albums. What really made an impact and is still on your rotation list, even if only now and then? Post the cover, no need to explain, and nominate a person each day to do the same”.

We’ve been nominated but rather than post without explanation, we thought it would be more fun to provide a little context. That is just the first of the rules we plan to break in this series. We are also not nominating anyone else (if you want to join in, you are more than welcome to do so) and we are also not adhering to any of the other implied rules either.

For the purpose of this series, we’ll be posting in the first person.

Here we go then with Day One and an album that will surprise no-one who knows me or who has read the site for many a year.

Belly – Star

Star was the album that opened the door to live music for me. It was the first time I had been so in love with an album and a band that I immediately knew I had to see them play live. It was the first time I would see the gig listed in Melody Maker and immediately beg my parents to let me go up to Cambridge to see the show.

This was also the album where I started to step out with my own musical tastes and identity. Up until Star, I had been extremely reliant on my friends tastes and recommendations. Belly was the first band I remember finding and getting excited about on my own.

“Feed The Tree” was the track that first had me hooked, it’s easy pop-bounce served as an easy gateway into the world of Belly. That world was one I wasn’t fully prepared for on first listen, but one I soon got lost deep inside. “Someone To Die For” is lullaby soft but its twisted romanticism comes from somewhere darker, but just as beautiful.

In fact, much of Star is like looking through the world from the otherside of the glass. From the ominous foreboding of “Low Red Moon” to the heady frenzy of “Slow Dog”, the whole thing drifts and jumps majestically. Marbled and distorted colours and sounds make new, hypnotic shapes. It’s the realm of dreams made into music.

The energy and infectious indie-pop hooks still have me dancing around the kitchen whenever it makes one of many outings. The guitar jangles are still as elastic and rawkus as ever and Tanya Donnelly’s otherworldly and haunting vocals still intoxicate me.


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