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UK Premiere: Mercies – This Is Not About Control EP

3 Apr

Remember Stout Cortez? We featured his most recent, Illuminator produced, single a couple of weeks ago. Well the man behind the cosmic ‘avant electronic indie pop’ is back, but this time Justin Hunter Scott is rocking out as the bassist for the much more earthbound Mercies and Alphabet Bands is pleased to present the UK premiere of their latest EP, This Is Not About Control.

Accompanied by the guitar sounds and vocals of John Russell and the skin thumping skills of Ezra Finney, this three piece from Washington DC, described themselves to us as being “heavily influenced by post punk”. Makes sense, the indie rock showcased on this, their second EP, is discordant and intimidating in places, harmonious and undeniably infectious in others. Indeed, title track “This Is Not About Control” encapsulates all such qualities has no right to be as catchy as it is.

All three tracks have a raw and gritty energy and you can’t help but see the band rocking the hell out in your mind as you listen. We bet live shows are an absolute blast. If you like your indie rock a little rough and ready, you’ll love this.

If you like This Is Not About Control”, why not pick up their debut EP for the bargain price of just $1?


Listen: Models Can’t Fuck – Move To Iceland EP

7 Oct

If this mini-review seems a little late, (the EP came out in September) it’s because we’ve spent ages wracking our brains, trying to think of something, other than Goulash, that comes from Hungary. Try as we might, we couldn’t think of anything, but thankfully it’s no longer an issue as we now have the dangerously titled Models Can’t Fuck to add to the list.

MCF’s Move To Iceland EP comprises three tracks of wondrously dreamy and ever-so-slightly psychedelic, low-fi electronic pop music. Árpi Szarvas, the man behind the band, accurately describes the sound as folktronica. Light and melodic, these songs will make you feel all lovely and fuzzy inside and have you booking a ticket to Hungary for goulash and MCF before you know it.

You can stream the EP below and if you like what you hear, and you will, head over to the Models Can’t Fuck Bandcamp site for a free download.

Listen: Morning Parade Album Sampler

28 Sep

We like Morning Parade and we think they could well end up being pretty darn big here in the UK and Europe. The good people at Gigwise also like Morning Parade and for the last few weeks have been streaming tracks from their forthcoming album. This week, they are letting you hear all five preview tracks together in a soundcloud sampler sensation. As we like Morning Parade too, we thought that was a jolly good idea, so here you are, for a limited time, a five track promo for MP’s debut album.

The band has also just announced a new headline date in London, at Heaven. It’s not until next year, 6 March but you can already buy your tickets here.

Listen: Toy Camera – Blissful Youth EP

27 Sep

We are a little late to the Toy Camera party, but their Blissful Youth EP (released 12 September), is such a delightful little collection of songs, it’s a case of better late than never.

A collaboration between Drew Harris of Germany Germany and Steph Thompson of Steffaloo, Blissful Youth comprises five tracks of simple but sweet chilled out electronica. You can stream the EP below and if you like it, you can head to their bandcamp page and download the whole thing for free.

Stream The New Apparat Album, The Devil’s Walk

21 Sep

German electronic guru Apparat, is releasing his much anticipated new album, and first on Mute Records, next Monday (26 September). Named after a political poem by celebrated romantic poet, Shelley; The Devil’s Walk certainly meets his recently stated aim of creating more ambient music and being “more interested in designing sounds than beats”.

The album is beautiful, and so delicate in places that you fear it might shatter into a thousand pieces, just by being listened to. This is essential late night listening, preferably in a darkened room so you can be sucked entirely into the albums’s atmosphere.

Click on the stream below and hear for yourself, but remember, turn the lights off first.