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Listen: Eye Emma Jedi – “88”

23 Sep

Eye Emma Jedi 88

Here at Alphabet Bands we are big fans of technology and gadgetry, but we must confess that we are now at an age where we can recall a time when mobile phones required a briefcase of wires, batteries and electronics to work and when smart technology was a Speak & Spell. As such we love a little bit of nostalgia from time to time. We loved the LSK – Nightmares On Wax collab, “70’s 80’s” and the latest track from the band with the greatest band name in the history of band names, Eye Emma Jedi, is from the same vintage rail of massive duffel coats, hi-tec trainers and games of Kerbsies on the street.

Full of chilled out reminiscence about playing out, hanging out and messing about, the track bounces, grooves and grinds along with flashes of trademark Jedi energy. Not the Force, the musicianship and melodies. It’s hooktacular and full of wicked lines about taking ‘my Walkman for a stroll’, though we do question how they remember all this stuff if they were indeed ‘born in ‘88’ as they say. Still, it’s an aural Back To The Future, a rock-a-riffick burn down memory lane, but with an essential now-like observation. Like when Michael J Fox “invents’ skateboarding by breaking a kids go-kart (such a vandal).

We love tracks like this as we not only appreciate the fun and quality of the song, but we love the memories it stirs within us. Like the cantankerous old biddy down the road that would get all uppity if our football accidentally hit her fence, or the long bike rides to nowhere, or playing out in the trees and ditches with nothing but mud and sticks to create an epic battlefield on, or…

Well, you get the idea. Take a listen, get your groove on and see what memories come flooding back for you.

”88” is the title track from the forthcoming Eye Emma Jedi 88 EP, which is out on 4 October in Scandinavia and TBA later in 2013 for the rest of the world.

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