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Listen: A Weekend At The Feelies – “Lowly Buzzard”

6 Aug

A Weekend At The Feelies

There isn’t much online about Jordan Campbell and his new musical incarnation, A Weekend At The Feelies, despite this we get the impression he is quite an intelligent and thoughtful young man. Not least because, as he told us, the name was inspired by Huxley’s Brave New World (from the notion that in modern society all you get is the weekend and music, art etc are classed as ‘the feelies’ he explained), but also because his track, “Lowly Buzzard”, conveys a great deal of depth and consideration.

He had actually been using A Weekend At The Feelies as the name of a biweekly email subscription that he used to release songs whilst living in Southern California. That lasted about a year, he explained, before he started to refine his sound. Now living in Seattle, he has started to release music again and “Lowly Buzzard” is his first offering.

It’s gloriously languid in style and almost shoegazy. It is lightly reminiscent in parts of The Pheonix Foundation, particularly a chilled down “Buffalo”, but is more dreamy and intangible, smoke like almost. Smooth vocals dissipate into its eerie chasm of sonic wistfulness. There are gentle depths and rises, twists, turns and dark corners of sound hidden away, waiting to be discovered. It’s a bit like looking into the mouth of a cave; dare to go in and the song will reward you with the echoey beauty of fragile synth highs and caressing bass lows, like aural ancient stalagmites meeting mystical stalactites.

Whether it is the weekend or not, you can get your own “Lowly Buzzard” feelies to enjoy for the bargain price of just $1.

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