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Hydra Lerna – “HYDRA”

16 Jan


We’re big fans of musical evolution and reinvention here at Alphabet Bands and the debut of Hydra Lerna is a wonderful example of both as it is the new nom de plume for Norwich’s Abigail Blake. Her first song under her new moniker, “Hydra”, sees Blake move away from the twinklestep genre she showcased last year with the brilliant Birdcage EP, and even further away from the singer-songwriter sound that she emerged with on her debut EP, Etch.

The quality of her writing is as good as it has ever been and the pop leanings and production are in there as well, but this is something new, something wonderful. There were elements of Birdcage that dealt with a darker side to humanity, the duplicitous nature of friendships for one, but as Hydra Lerna, Blake is going deeper and darker than before.

Her vocal is as beautiful, smooth and innocent sounding as ever, there is a wonderful vulnerability to her voice. Now though her words are harder, making the point that they can do so much damage, striking with a deadly venom and no matter how strong you are, you cannot defend against it. Her electronics too delve into murkier waters but with an incredibly infectious pop sound that deftly walks the tightrope of mainstream accessibility (there are elements of Katy Perry in there amongst others) and a sophisticated left of centre sound.

As big fans of Abigail and bigs fans of darker leaning pop-electronica, Hydra Lerna is something we are looking forward to hearing a lot more of in the future.

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