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Listen: Jack Robert Hardman – “Famous”

2 Feb

He may have given away “Sorry to George” as a free download last summer, but that doesn’t stop us counting “Famous” as being the first official single from melodious young folkster, Jack Robert Hardman.

The track is a delicate delight, reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel in places, and Belle and Sebastian in others. It is due out on 13 February 2012 through Pleasant Pursuits / Essential Music and Marketing with an eponymous debut album to follow later in the spring.

“I’m going to be famous” sings Hardman in the chorus. With tracks as mature and eloquent as this, he may well be right.

Review: Dare Dukes – Thugs And China Dolls

19 Jan

It’s fair to say that Dare Dukes doesn’t exactly fit the stereotypical look for a musician but frankly, we’d rather listen to this banjo wielding, accountant-looking guy than most of the homogeneous, cookie cutter pop stars out there right now. Dukes’ blend of wry, observational humour and poetry reminds us in part of John Grant and his sublime album, The Queen of Denmark. But while Grant’s focus was more internal, more autobiographical, Dukes’ head is up and he is looking out, his attention on the “the weirdness, the anomalies, the resistance” of the American suburbs. These eccentricities may be ripe for lampooning but Dukes treats his subjects with affection; jauntily bouncing along in celebration or shuffling, dejected, as appropriate.

Along with various members of Modern Skirts, of Montreal, and TV On The Radio (all of whom feature on Thugs And China Dolls) Dukes has cultivated an amiable little orchestral folk record that is very easy on the ear.

Thugs And China Dolls is out now on Mazarine Records and can be bought either digitally or on CD via the Dare Dukes bandcamp site.