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Competition: Win a signed Alice Jemima CD

30 Oct

If you don’t already know the name Alice Jemima (and after our review you really should) then pay attention because it is only a matter of time before everyone else does. Just last week the still-so-young-it-makes-us-jealous singer-songwriter from Devon was up London recording a session for Radio 1. That’s the BBC, AKA the big leagues.

She released her debut EP just a few weeks ago and, because she is such a lovely person, she gave us a signed copy on CD (yes, we know it looks like it is on vinyl, it’s supposed to and yes, it fooled us too) to give away as a competition prize to one lucky reader.

So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this exclusive prize? Just answer this simple (and we mean simple) question:

What is the name of the first track on the All The Boyfriends EP?

Send your answer to alphabetbands@gmail.com with the subject line Alice Jemima Competition.

UPDATE: The correct answer was All The Boyfriends

Congratulations to Stewart Power who wins the signed EP.

Keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!

Review: Alice Jemima – All The Boyfriends EP

1 Oct

It may not be true of everyone, but we have found that as the nights draw in and the cold beings to close around us, we have been seeking out relaxed sounds. Sounds that are elegant and offer a feeling of tranquility yet retain warmth and charm. It may well be that is more to do with our slightly advanced years than anything else, if that is the case then it is somewhat ironic that it is the music of one so young that has most recently melted our icy heart.

Singer-songwriter Alice Jemima is just 19 yet she is already starting to make a name for herself with her prolific outpouring of delightful music and the likes of Breaking New Waves championing her cause. Indeed it was they who first brought Alice to our attention. Having spent over a year peppering the internet with both her own songs and original sounding cover versions, last week she finally released her debut EP, All The Boyfriends.

In some respects it isn’t easy to write about Alice Jemima, at least not without sounding a tad condescending, which believe us, we don’t want to be. It’s just, well her music is so damn cute. On “By Your Side” in particular her voice is about as cute as a box of kittens. Each of the four songs are enchanting, embracing a simple but effective elegance that is easy to fall for. She is quite the rare talent, managing to convey a youthful innocence and optimism in her gentle pop music yet without any feeling of naiveté. The innocence, so beautifully woven, is slightly frayed around the edges with the odd loose thread of wisdom. Threads of a coming maturity that promises to add layers to an already delightful sound. Imagine Dusty Springfield without a broken heart and you’re on your way to the sound of Alice Jemima. Whichever way you look at it, she has released a delicate and captivating debut that promises to warm the cockles on the long winter nights.

All The Boyfriends is out now and available digitally and on CD.

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