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All We Are – “Burn It All Out”

13 Apr

Back in February last year, Norwich treated us to a blog-dream bill of All We Are supporting Public Service Broadcasting. Hot on the heels of naming their Latitude set as being our favourite gig of 2015, we were particularly excited to be seeing the Liverpool-based trio again. Our excitement levels rose still further when they announced they’d be playing new tracks and then hit fever pitch when these massive, aggressively powerful tunes burst forth. Fast forward to now (well, a couple of weeks back to be fair) and Guro, Luis and Richard have shared something new online.

“Burn It All Out” feels like it could well act as a bridge from the laid back, psychedelic grooves of their eponymous debut album to the harder edged, more thunderous sounds that were trailed live. The opening guitar lines are gentle and swirly like a kaleidoscopic rainbow, then the beat and bass join in and that wonderfully familiar All We Are vibe begins to permeate your soul. Your shoulders move, your feet tap and your head bops as the compulsion to move and boogie along becomes overwhelming. The vocal floats like an intoxicating and heady aroma, hypnotising all who hear it before suddenly, the guitar has become harder, the rhythm more frantic and the bass heavier. Without you even realising, everything around you has been lain to waste and as you stand, amongst the rubble and ruin, you can only applaud and cry out for more.

A follow up album is on the way, so that more we crave so much will hopefully be with us soon.

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2015 Review: Gig of the Year

5 Jan

Gig of the Year

All We Are – Other Voices stage, Latitude festival, Friday 17 July.

We knew when we ventured to the Other Voices stage to check out All We Are live for the first time that we were going to have a great time. After all, their debut album was already well on the way to becoming one of our favourites of the year. Even so, we were totally blown away by the performance and left feeling elated by what we’d just been part of.

All We Are Latitude

Recreating their Dingle home, the Other Voices team were to be found in a beautifully bedecked barn, hidden amongst the trees alongside the river that runs through Henham Park and away from any of the other stages. Here, amongst the hearts, glitter-balls and glowing luminescence of the venue, All We Are set about tearing the place down.

Their music has a laidback grooveability to it; a languid swirl of movement and funk that is infectious yet somewhat relaxed. Here though that groove, that funk that imbues all they do vibrated with something else, an unexpected and indomitable energy. Resistance was futile, but there was no one in the room up for resisting.

Everywhere you looked the crowd was dancing as this irresistible groove took hold. Sodden with sweat, All We Are conducted us to move, to sing and to enjoy. Nothing was left on stage as the trio treated us to a show none of us would forget. Such was the passion and desire in the room that, even though they were clearly exhausted, they still managed to give us an unplanned and fantastic encore.

If you ever get the chance to see All We Are play live, take it, trust us.

Photo courtesy of thethinair.net

2015 Review: Albums of the Year

2 Jan

Albums of the Year

#1: Oh Wonder – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder

Without question our most played album of the year (it’s pretty much been on repeat in the car since it came out) the debut release by Oh Wonder was also our favourite. While some may have questioned the practice of having all but two of the album’s tracks up online well in advance of its release, saying it would have a negative effect on enjoyment and interest in the album, Oh Wonder instead had a sense of instant accessibility and sing-along-ability. Rather than putting us off, it just kept pulling us back in.

The album is full of warmth and emotion and of hope in the face of despair. It’s beautiful, melodic and enticing. It works as a collection of gorgeously moving songs and as a single, whole entity. The catchy synthpop sensibilities blend with subtle hip-hop influences and gorgeous harmonies to make a simply wonderful record. It can build up when you are feeling low or just hold your hand and let you know it will all be ok.

Most of all, it is just great to listen to, to enjoy, to sing along with and to come back to again and again and again.

Buy Oh Wonder from: ohwondermusic.com

#2: All We Are – All We Are


Released back at the start of February, the eponymous debut album from Liverpool based, but very international, All We Are is one we’ve come back to time and time again over the last 12 months, and it never stops sounding amazing.

Their laid back psychedelic grooves grind along with effortless and sublime ease. There are moments of celestial beauty, of contemplative meditation and post disco boogie wonderland-ing. It swirls and sways, dances with funky grace and exudes Fonzie levels of cool. If we were an album, we’d want to be All We Are.

Buy All We Are from: Double Six Records

#3: Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space

PSB The Race For Space

Following on from their critically acclaimed and official chart bothering debut, Inform – Educate – Entertain was always going to be challenging for Public Service Broadcasting but we’d say they surpassed it (and not just in chart position).

Echoing the single theme narrative of their remarkable The War Room EP, The Race for Space deals with one specific period of the past (which they make come to life). Here the pair delves into the rich history of the American-Soviet space programmes and delivers (amongst others) moments of intense drama (“The Other Side”) excitement (“Go”) and stupidly funky fun (“Gagarin”).

Buy The Race For Space from: publicservicebroadcasting.net/

Others We’ve Loved

In no particular order…

Susanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs
John Grant – Grey Tickles, Black Pressure
Lonelady – Hinterland
Gems – Kill the One You Love
Tove Lo – Queen of the Clouds
Empress Of – Me
Lanterns on the Lake – Beings
Brooke Annibale – The Simple Fear
C Duncan – Architect

All We Are – “Stone”

23 Jan

All We Are

Three weeks in and already 2015 is shaping up to be an absolute belter of a year music wise. There are too many albums we are looking forward to hearing to list them all now but one that we are extremely excited about is the eponymous offering from the multi-cultural All We Are. Exacerbating our enthusiasm is the newly released “Stone” which will feature on the LP and is available now as a single (details below).

The downtempo and cool yet still groovy beat has a distinctly celestial feel to it as the track shimmers and glistens. It’s a late night, post disco, staring at the stars on the bonnet of your car chilled out boogie kind of a tune. It’s perfect for when you still have that dancey feeling running through you but your body and mind are starting to unwind, a shooting star passes overhead and perhaps you begin to contemplate your own existence.

The vocals have a sweet but sad feeling to them, otherworldly and floaty yet held down with the weight of the world. That is until “Stone” draws to a close and they rise up, breaking out like shafts of light from within a raincloud.

It’s sad but groovy, fun but meditative; it’s great and has us counting down the days to 2 Feb and the album release even more.

“Stone” is available now via iTunes. The ‘All We Are’ album is due out on 2 February and pre-orders come with instant downloads of “Stone”, “Keep Me Alive”, “I Wear You” and “Feel Safe”. Pre-orders of the vinyl version will receive a bonus 7″ featuring exclusive tracks “Reach” & “Just Give It To Me”>

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All We Are – “Feel Safe”

21 Mar

All We Are - Feel Safe

It’s been a while since we last heard from Liverpool’s All We Are, in fact it was quite a while since we’d heard from them before that as well. Popping up once a year with an amazing tune and then disappearing again, they were beginning to resemble some mythical creature, like a Unicorn perhaps, that people aren’t 100% sure ever existed or not. Well, nearly a year on from the release of the storming disco funk of “Utmost Good” (one of our tracks of 2013) the trio are back, newly signed to Domino imprint Double Six and all doubts over their existence have been expunged.

When we first encountered them, they had recently returned from the Norwegian woodland, cradling the (now sadly no longer online) wonderfully folky sounds of “Cardhouse”. Then last year they strutted down the street in their white suits all full of laidback funk and uber-cool grooves with the aforementioned “Utmost Good”.

For 2014 they have retained the funk vibes but turned it down to an even more chilled out setting, dialling down the dirty fuzziness a little, almost as if they have taken their underground disco back to the woods of Norway and don’t want to disturb the wildlife too much. Bet the animals would all come to the party for a dance of their own though.

From the opening lick of guitar you are taken away on a heady ride of late night funk, a soft shoe shuffle of deliciously smooth and relaxed grooves that will have you on your feet and indulging in a little swaysome and smile filled boogie. Deep within the guitar lines, the gently impulsive beats and the hushed vocals are random elements of yesteryear, hidden away. Little glimpses of Beats International’s “Dub Be Good To Me” spring to mind as well as the more obvious disco, indie and pop references.

There’s a gorgeously relaxed summer vibe to “Feels Safe”, a vibe that you can’t help but love and one that makes you feel great. It’s a wonderful piece of modern indie-funk that we know we’ll be coming back to time and time again over the year and with songs this fantastic, we can forgive All We Are for taking a year at a time to make them. We just hope they’ll be back a little sooner next time.

”Feel Safe” is out now on Double Six and can be bought from iTunes.

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